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The Brewers Arms
Lower Dingle
West Malvern
WR14 4BQ


Brewers Arms
Brewers Arms
Brewers Arms

Brewers ArmsThe great fire of 1992. 

The pub was re-opened with the help of Nigel Kennedy.

Brewers Arms


In 1830 the land was inhabited by the poorest people in Mathon.

In 1834 the Poor Law Amendment Act meant the poor were moved to the local Union Work House and Parish and their cottages sold.

Edmund Pitt

The Brewers arms was originally built by Edmund Pitt in the early 1830's. He was discovered to have enclosed land and built a new house and shed and to be using it as a pub.

In 1837 a Parish meeting decided he could not use it as a pub anymore, and started to pay £1.10.0d in acknowledgement of tenancy to the ChurchWardens. There is no more evidence of it being a pub until 1871.

The Pubís return

1871 - 1873  The tenant was Henry Turle, a Beer House Keeper from Wiltshire.

1873  Samuel Ruck was in residence and the Brewers Arms name was created in 1879.

Fire at the Brewers Arms

In 1992 a fire started at the Brewers Arms at on the 23rd of June. The pub was re-opened in October that year, after Nigel Kennedy performed in a concert at St James Church, West Malvern to raise money for the Brewers Arms (his local). The event was followed by a live music session in the 'Armpit', and the memory of one person who attended the event is understandably a bit hazy, but he thinks it finished at around 4am